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  • Is this a chain?
    Nope. GoGreek is as “mom and pop” an operation as it gets… run by Amber (aka “mom”) and Dan (aka “pop”) Krystallis. We’re always pleased by this question as we designed GoGreek to have the look, and more importantly… the energy of a modern, fun, fast-casual dining experience. Like most businesses, we have hopes of growing, but are 100% focused on serving the wonderful Pelham community and its surrounding neighborhoods in Westchester County.
  • Why are your gyros smaller than what I’m used to?
    The GoGreek mission is to provide the Authentic Greek Gyro to our consumers. In Greece, they serve gyros smaller than we do here in the US – you can hold them in one hand and chow down as you’re walking down the street (like a slice of pizza or hot dog). It’s still a substantial sandwich that will satisfy, but if you’re super hungry and crave bigger portions…we suggest getting 2!
  • Where’s the lamb?
    This is a BIG one!!! Let’s start with the fact that the meat in gyros typically served in the US is not lamb – it’s a lamb and beef combo with fillers and by-products. In Greece, they carve pure layers of pork off the rotating vertical rotisserie for their gyros…the same way we do at GoGreek. And as tasty as the lamb/beef combo may be, this meat is not pure or gluten-free, which is very important to us as Amber (aka “mom”) can’t have gluten and is our chef!
  • What’s up with the gluten-free stuff?
    While we’re on the topic, everything on our menu is gluten-free aside from the pita, spinach pie, and baklava. But we offer the absolute BEST gluten-free pita and spinach pie (still working on perfecting the GF baklava!)
  • Why are there fries in my sandwich, not in my bag?
    We’re re-creating the Authentic Greek Gyro experience and they include a few french fries inside the sandwich – it’s really good! But of course we’re selling delicious GoGreek Fries that are a full portion with feta cheese and oregano.
  • How do you pronounce “gyro”?
    We get this a lot. The proper Greek pronunciation is “yeer-o” with the R being rolled (like in the Spanish “burrito”). Not to disrespect our Greek heritage, but this is America and we’re totally cool with pronouncing the name of the sandwich the way it’s spelled – “j-eye-row”. All good – just enjoy – OPA!
  • Where are the traditional Greek main courses?
    Okay, we love moussaka and pastitsio as well! But GoGreek is not a traditional Greek restaurant. When you walk in the door, you can clearly see that it isn’t a traditional Greek restaurant. When you look at the menu board, you know it’s not a traditional Greek restaurant (everything is under 10 bucks!) GoGreek is a “snack bar”… fresh and delicious, fun and fast, grab and go, chill and hang… get your Greek on! ☺
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